Slow Combustion Stoves

Wood Burning Fires

Certainly the most effective and efficient way to warm your home. We have a vast range of stoves from Canature, Morso, Godin, Jotul, Scan, Wanders, Sentinel, Franco Belge, Amesti, Dru etc offering radiant and convection heat. Capable of heating areas from 40m2 to 150m2. There is a vast array of designs – from Victorian to Ultra Modern. Most modern stoves offer air wash systems on the glass, keeping your glass soot free and ensuring a beautiful flame picture.

Secondary combustion also exists in the majoirty of stoves, reigniting the products of combusion to ensure a clean burn that is environmentally friendly.

The best heating furniture around!

Convert your fuel guzzling open fireplace with a built-in or freestanding slow combustion stove, better heat and less fuel!